Friday, December 7, 2007

On Books and Birthdays

In 2005, my birthday stopped functioning as a marker for age, but rather a reminder to be thankful for my time on the planet during the past 365 days.

This year, I'm especially thankful for being in a position to document my life's experiences from the seat of a bicycle, both photographically and editorially in the pages of a coffee table book. A few weeks ago, Rich Clarkson and Associates, offered to package this book for me. Rich was the former Director of Photography for National Geographic Magazine. He also used to make pictures for NCAA Track and Field and spent a lot of time at my alma matter, the University of Oregon--where I spent 5-years as a track man. The people he's teamed me up with to put this book together are all truly amazing. I couldn't imagine a better group to work with on this project!

Last year, I spent December 6th camped behind a shack in the middle of dessert in Northern Argentina. It was cold, windy, sandy and miserable. Two days before, my traveling companions and I ran out of food and water and had to turn around and bicycle back to the closest village to avoid dehydration. But the sunset was perfect.

Yesterday, I spent my birthday scribbling outlines for book chapters in the comforts of my Seattle loft and then reminisced at diner over a bottle of Argentine Malbec at a tapas bar in Seattle.

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