Friday, August 29, 2008

New Fine Art Print Series and Free Shipping until Sept. 4th is offering free shipping on all of my prints until September 4th. This is a really great deal, especially if you want to order heavy matted and framed prints--which can cost around $20-$50 just to ship.

Regarding Greeting Cards. I've been using this service for nearly 1-year now for all of my fine art print sales and the customer feedback has been very positive so I expect the greeting card feature to be no different.

I've released two new print series (35 new prints) - Landscapes and People, both have been processed with the latest printing software and are rendering really nicely on the pro-series Epson Printers used by Imagekind.

To check out the new print series & greeting cards go here:

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Olympic National Park High Country

One of my favorite adventure buddies to hang with is Sr. Gregorio Mac. As the most well traveled human I know, he's spent a lifetime exploring countless countries on all 7 continents with mostly human power--kayak, bike, hike, swim, and ski. He's also known as the first and only dude to trail run EVERY mile of Olympic National Park--some 600+ miles. So when I get an email from him talking about anything "epic" (which in this case was a hike through the high country of the Park), I pay attention, show up and count on the usual suffer-fest which always results in well earned views and joy.

Fifty miles, 4 days, 5 high passes and countless views/rain/windstorms later I'm back in Seattle with blistered feet, a flash card full shots, and even more curiosity regarding the diversity of this amazing park. This past trip into the high country has inspired a new & extended personal project on the Park and People who manage it. Over the next few years, I'll keep shooting out there on and off in attempt to build a collection of images from ONP that better showcase its understated wonders than any words I may be able to hack on this blog.


Whale Tale

Gray Whales have one of the longest migrations of any mammal, from the Arctic Ocean to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. However, there is one group of them that doesn't follow the pack--and the mother in these photos with calf is part of that group. For some reason, in summer they don't like to go all of the way up to Alaska and prefer to chill off the shores of Olympic National Park in Washington. I'm not sure why on this particular day they came so close to shore of Shi Shi beach but it was a pretty killer sighting for me on this otherwise lonely, foggy day along extreme NW section of the Washington Coast.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oly Park - Heading back for more

Last week I checked-in on the WA coast/Olympic National Park/Shi Shi beach with a Mountaineers photo-group and my friend Carolina from Colombia. It's a pretty freakin' nice place.

In fact, I'm so blown away by Olympic National Park that I'm heading back to hike for two weeks across the Quinault Rain Forests, Elwah, and highlands next week. Here's what the beach scene looks like:

A few from the Tour de WA

Last month I shot the Tour de Washington...a fully supported bike tour around WA State organized by Adventure Cycling. The photos will be used for their 2009 tours catalog and an article I'm writing for Adventure Cyclists Magazine.

Great food, route, and's a few shots from the event.