Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Espresso – Pasta – Climb Hard – Gelato - Repeat

For the past two weeks, I’ve been hanging in what I can only describe as a road cyclist’s Never Never Land—a cobbled village in the Italian Alps with 2 bakeries, 3 handmade pasta slingers and no internet.  With world-class climbs from the Giro out the front door in every direction, my toughest decision every morning has been “what next?”  The 48 hairpin turns of the 9,050 foot Stelvio Pass, the agonizingly steep Motirolo that spirals up 4,265 feet in just over 7 miles, the sublime tarmac that twists through crisp alpine vistas along Gavia Pass, or a rip roaring 50 mph descent off the backside of Paso Aprica.  At some stage I’ll be writing an article about this so I’ll cut off my words now and let a few images do the talking.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Co-Motion Advertisement

Co-Motion introduced a 26 inch super-dope version of their Americano expedition touring bike called the "Pangea."  I'm psyched that they are using some of my images from Patagonia for the 2010 ad campaign.

Paris Roubaix Cyclo for Weekend Warriors

The Paris Roubaix is one of my fav. events in pro cycling.  Once every two years, the route opens to euro-weekend warriors who want to experience what the pros have dubbed "The Hell of the North." The 260 km route travels over 50-80 kms of arse-numbing cobblestones. 

I made photos of my buddy Horst and his Swiss cycling posse during the weekend warrior/Cyclo ride this past Sunday and think that I learned every four-letter word in the Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc, etc, dictionaries while shooting a famously cobbled Le Carrefour de l'Arbre section.  It was a great event to watch and something that I'd recommend highly to those who really want to beat the hell out of themselves on two-wheels.  Those cobbles put a serious hurt on participants.