Friday, August 10, 2007

August/September Photo-Assignments In Europe

I'm pretty stoked for a couple of new photo-gigs in Europe.

First, I'll be in Paris shooting the Paris-Brest-Paris bike race. The really cool thing about it is that I'll be shooting from the back of a BMW 1200GS super-touring motorcycle. The really, really, cool thing about it is that my dear friend and expert pilot, Stephan, is coming to Paris to drive the moto over the 750 mile course.

After a week in France, I'm heading over to Switzerland to shoot a 10-day tour through the Swiss Alps for a magazine here in the States. I'm going to hook up with my good friends from Central America, Ruth and Horst, who have since moved to Switzerland. Together, we should have a pretty epic time and eat lots of chocolate along the way!



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