Sunday, August 26, 2007

Assignment 1 Completed

I've spent the past week on the back of a super plush BMW motorcycle documenting the Paris Brest Paris ultra-endurance cycling event. It was truly a surreal experience. The wind, rain, and cold weather made for the most challenging Paris Brest in history...bad for the 5,000 cyclists on the course but good for me, the photographer. The roadside carnage was unreal. At one point Stephan (driver) and I drove non-stop for over 24 hours...only taking breaks to shoot and refuel. We didn't sleep for 50 hours and shot on through the night. My last tally was nearly 8,000 photos captured. My risk of using untested remote flash equipment paid off and I am pleased with my nighttime pics in the country side and small villages of western France. What an epic adventure this was! I have the utmost respect for these athletes who pushed themselves beyond what most people think would be possible. Look for some pics in some cycling mags and galleries that I will post links to soon.

Now, I'm off to Zurich for assignment #2, Sweet Swiss Passes.



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  1. Please do post links to photos! Thank you for being out there.