Friday, August 10, 2007

New Road

Since finishing my 2 year RibbonOfRoad bicycle trip earlier this year, I've been fielding a lot of "what's next" questions about the future direction of my life. In response to these emails and phone calls, I've decided to publish a blog about my current noodlings, whereabouts, and adventures. To make a long story short, during the past two years I've taken a lot of photos (30,000 or so) while pedaling through the Americas. I've spent the past few months sorting, cleaning and organizing those photos for a coffee table book that I am going to call "Postcards from the End of the World". Hopefully, I'll have the book sorted out sometime in 2008. I've also decided to pursue photography full-time. I've been warned not to quit your day job when starting out in photography--but that's kind of tough to do when you don't have a day job to begin with! My solution has been to reconnect with my old boss in the Software world, Bob. In the past few years he's started a really cool wine company and I've decided to sign-up for a part time gig there, slinging high-end, custom wine. So that's what I'm up to in a nutshell. Future posts will be added as the road goes on.



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