Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Italian Wedding

I was asked to photograph a wedding for a fun Italian/American cycling family a few weeks ago. I've never formally made pictures of a wedding before (or even looked at wedding photos b/f now that I think about it) so I was a bit hesitant to accept the responsibility. But heck, my assignments this year have included crawling 600 meters down a 1 meter coal mine pit in one of the more dangerous mining areas in the world and in 120 degree nuclear heat in the Thar desert--I figured that I could probably pull this off. Plus, the wedding location, an 18th century farmhouse in Italy's culinary heartland + only a few miles away from a 5-star gelataria + totally chill world travelin' cyclist couple = yes please.

Here's a few photos from the day(s) (I'm a sucker for confetti and rice throwing):

Italian Wedding - Images by Gregg Bleakney

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  1. Very nice work Gregg. Weddings can be so fun to shoot, but also so tough at times.