Saturday, April 4, 2009

To the Orinoco

Tomorrow, I head out to the Orinoco River Delta along Colombia's remote border post with Venezuela. I'll be staying at Fundación Omacha's la Reserva Natural Bojonawi--a protected wildlife refuge. Omacha is well known for its programs that document and protect freshwater pink and grey dolphins throughout the Amazon and Orinoco ecosystem. The Bojonawi reserve is also near Parque Nacional Natural El Tuparro--which has just opened to visitors this past year.

Here's where it is:

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If you want to learn more about Omacha check out this video from the National Geographic Society:

So I'm saying goodbye to the Big's a few pictures of Bogota I took while cycling around:


  1. Hi Greg....Caren Anderson here. I love seeing what your up to and hearing about you from your mom and dad. We saw them in Palm Desert and the boy's golfed and the girls shopped of course. Love....Caren

  2. Hi Caren - I heard that you guys had a great time. Say hello to the Dave(s) for me!