Monday, April 21, 2008

Article in American Photo

The May/June issue of American Photo has a nice article about how photography changed my life...with some of my pictures and chat about my book too. The issue is devoted to travel with a section on some of the best places in the world to photograph. I've been a fan of the American Photo since I started taking photography seriously and was stoked to learn that there are a great group of people behind the scenes making it all happen. You can read the article online or pick it up in May at most magazine stands in the States.


  1. dear gregg ...
    with a lot of interest i'm following your new carrier as the hotest cycling photograher around.
    i love your picturs they are really inspireing. stay like that and take all this great opportunities!

    britta and me are still cycling thru the rough roads of south america. the worst part we had just the last week in beetween cusco and ayacucho ... at least some stunning landscaps.

    enjoy life!

    muchos sdaludos desde ayacucho

    britta and simon
    BriSi en Bici

  2. Hi Guys, It's great to hear from you both. Enjoy the views from Ayacucho to Huaraz. Make sure to take some time in the Cordillera near Huaraz. Let me know if you need in contacts or route into for that region. I am enjoying your trip reports--thank you for keeping your site active.