Thursday, January 3, 2008

Project Maktub

Maktub is hands down, my favorite band. During my Ribbon Of Road bicycle tour, their music got me through the low points of my assault in Central America and powered me up and over 16,000 foot passes in the Andes. Therefore, I was truly honored when they accepted my proposal to photo document them as they prepared for their big New Year's eve concert in Seattle. They let me hang and make pics. during rehearsals--before, during, and after the show. At one point, they even told me that I could come on stage and take pics of them while they were playing live.

Their latest album was entirely funded by their fans, launching a radical and new shift in the music industry--fan funded music--breaking musicians free of the constraints placed upon them by record labels. You can buy their latest record "Start it Over" on iTunes or at records stores. Over the holidays, it was the #2 selling record in Seattle music stores.

The best part of this whole experience for me was learning that the band is comprised of a truly unique, interesting, and great group of guys.

I'll post more photos here after I share them with the band.

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  1. Great post, Gregg. Thanks for seamlessly integrating into our Maktub world for a few days. We really appreciate it.