Friday, October 12, 2007

Wyoming Sessions

I've just wrapped up a week of taking pictures in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The fall has hit full-on and the colors and weather have been perfect. I've been hanging with some amazing people this past week. Cory Rich, who is arguably the top adventure photographer in the world right now (and a super-cool guy to have a few beers with), James Balog, a National Geographic photographer who is literally attempting to help save our planet via his EIS Survey, National Geographic Photo Editor Sabine Meyer, and the guru who brought everything together, Rich Clarkson. I never imagined that I could learn so much about photography in such a short time.

To get here, I flew into Idaho Falls and biked for two days through the snow to Jackson. Fortunately, the weather cleared for our photo-sessions and we had a great week of shooting models in various locations around Grand Teton National Park.

Next up...meetings in Missoula, Montana and then back to Seattle to work on my book project.

I've uploaded my portfolio web-site with new images from this trip and my time in Europe.

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