Saturday, September 1, 2007

Side trips en route to Switzerland

On the way to Switzerland I took a few side trips to let the really bad weather that's been looming over the Alps clear up before setting out on my Swiss pass trip.

It's amazing how many doors open when a few nice cameras are hanging around your neck and you have a weathered card that says "Presse" on it.

First, I shot a private vintage car show with Stephan in Rambouillet, just outside of Paris. It was in a garden of some huge palace.

Next I headed up to Germany to attend Eurobike, the largest bicycle trade show in the world. It was pretty neat to check out all of the latest and greatest bike swag. Check out the trick bike frame made of wood.

Finally. I shot the Junior Championship stage race just outside of Zurich. I had a chance to catch up with our USA Junior team at the event. I got lucky with a car #3 placement and got to shoot out of the passenger side window from a great position in the trailing pack.

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