Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Kickoff = Back to Back to Back to Back Around the World

2012 has kicked off with a flurry of travel activity, fresh projects, and zero downtime.  First, because most of my new assignments are hitched with words, photography, and video production, I decided to change the name of my business to Gregg Bleakney Visual Storytelling from GB Photography to more accurately describe what I do.  You can check out the new logo art on my portfolio website here.
It's been such a jet lagged year that I've yet to post or see most of the work I've produced--but here's a skinny version of 2012 goods so far:
- Helicopter Over the Tour Down Under.  Produced a series of aerials from a helicopter over the first World Tour of the UCI calendar (The Tour Down Under) for a picture story in PAVED Magazine.
- Adelaide, Australia / ER Italy.  Wrote and photographed in-depth travel guides to Adelaide, Australia and Eastern Italy for the 2012 VeloNews Ultimate Guide.
- Cycling Gone Global.  From China to Colombia to India, Malaysia and back again--words and pictures for a long form VeloNews story on the sport of cycling's new global frontiers.

- Investigative Piece on the DL. Polished the last bits of my long-term investigative story.  I can't say what it is yet--my only hint is that it has nothing to do with cycling.
- Follow the Good. - A 10-page feature picture story and short essay for Paved Magazine about India's working class cyclists.
- ExOfficio.  Wrapped the 2012 ExOfficio storytelling production in Colombia for their Spring/Summer catalog, advertising, and mixed media campaigns. Thanks to the hard work of two amazing assistants, Katie and Willa, and an out of this world fixer, Hernan--in just two weeks, we managed to build an incredible still, video and sound asset base (nearly 30,000 files) while sourcing 38 models, 4 different 4x4s, hundreds of looks and garments, 1 fishing yacht, planes, buses, and 1 skiff plus a multi-thousand mile road trip through the high Andes, scorching deserts, tropical jungles, national parks, spectacular beaches & colorful colonial towns.  Over and over again, the impossible was made possible and the net result of this shoot is an authentic take on adventure travel with a commercial spin--and as far as I know, it's never been done before.  Much more on this later, behind the scenes, and a bag o' goodies.

- Tour of Langkawi Malaysia. After a near-direct swoop from Bogota to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I sat on the back of a motorcycle for 10-days to cover one of the more interesting cycling races on the UCI calendar, Le Tour de Langkawi.  A proving ground for both asian cyclists and up and coming europeans, the race's route wends across and over Malaysia--jungles, burning sunshine, extreme humidity, monsoons n' all.  Words and photography to be published in a future edition of Paved Magazine.

Here are a few images from along the way:

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