Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Co-Motion 2011 Catalog Cover

Co-Motion Cycles is using a self-portrait I made with my trusted steed the "Geoduck,"  a tricked out Co-Motion Americano that delivered me 18,500 from Alaska to Argentina.  It's been a while since I reviewed images from this adventure and the Co-Motion cover takes me back to windy days in Southern Patagonia--my tripod blew over several times before I was able to make this picture.  Thank you Co-Motion, thank you Geoduck, thank you tripod!


  1. I hope this wasn't the cover selected through their photo-competition where you get a jersey and $500 for your cover-pic which they will use to sell many thousands of $'s of bicycles? Advertising useage should equate to advertising rates of pay. All the best. Cycle-touring photojournalists are few and far between, keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Nick - No, this is not a contest photo. I've been working with the friendly people of Co-Motion for many years now. They sponsored my trip from Alaska to Argentina in 2005.