Monday, March 15, 2010

Hawking 4x6s at the Taj Mahal

I virtually-bumped into a guy complaining about the state of professional photography last week.  He said something like "we're all better off slingin' 4x6s at the Taj Mahal"

I happened to be close to the Taj Mahal a few days ago so I decided to give his advice a try--even though 2010 is teeing up to be the best year of my career.  I must say that hawking photos at the Taj was pretty damn fun...somehow it made me realize how much I really love being a photographer. 

Here's some of the images:


  1. Great pics. The 1st and 3rd are my fav

  2. cool. thanks. #3 is prob my fav. too...but the kids from #1 were just sooooo cute and a nice family cheering them on from behind me when I was making the picture.

  3. The kids are adorable. You did a great job, have to look at the pictures a couple of times before you even notice the other people in the background.