Monday, November 30, 2009

Vote for Daveed Numero Uno

Daveed, Brook and I at the Tropico de Cancer in Mexico

I met Daveed Numero Uno for the first time on the side of the road in Camp Pendleton Military base in SoCal. He had just been robbed at a Jiffy Mart on the base. We were both cycling south through the Americas to Ushuaia, Argentina. I saw Daveed 1 again a few months later in Durango, Mexico (where he was dressed like a clown), then in Chiapas, Mexico (where he had convinced a Univision TV crew to follow him), and finally, nearly a year later in the Atacama desert in Northern Chile (where his front fork snapped in half and he crashed off the roadside).

He's a smart guy and I have a ton of respect for what he did during his cycling trip through the Americas -

Now, he's been selected as a finalist to be the citizen journalist rep in Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference.

Go here to vote for him

He made a nifty little video about his background here

Daveed Uno, Brook and I, in the desert of northern Chile--about a year after the first picture was taken


  1. Thanks Gregg for the endorsement! See you on a road in the near future . . .

  2. Congrats on winning Daveed. I'm stoked for you!