Thursday, August 28, 2008

Olympic National Park High Country

One of my favorite adventure buddies to hang with is Sr. Gregorio Mac. As the most well traveled human I know, he's spent a lifetime exploring countless countries on all 7 continents with mostly human power--kayak, bike, hike, swim, and ski. He's also known as the first and only dude to trail run EVERY mile of Olympic National Park--some 600+ miles. So when I get an email from him talking about anything "epic" (which in this case was a hike through the high country of the Park), I pay attention, show up and count on the usual suffer-fest which always results in well earned views and joy.

Fifty miles, 4 days, 5 high passes and countless views/rain/windstorms later I'm back in Seattle with blistered feet, a flash card full shots, and even more curiosity regarding the diversity of this amazing park. This past trip into the high country has inspired a new & extended personal project on the Park and People who manage it. Over the next few years, I'll keep shooting out there on and off in attempt to build a collection of images from ONP that better showcase its understated wonders than any words I may be able to hack on this blog.


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