Monday, November 19, 2007

This weeks photo project - NOT to take photos?

Since June, I've done some sort of a photo project for myself or someone else at least once per week. Fly fishing, biking, rafting, trees, windows etc. This week, I've decided not to take any photos but rather focus on looking at other people's photos. I've been in New York and DC for business stuff but have made some time to look at some amazing work.

First, the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC has two amazing exhibits by Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz. Next the Geographic Society in DC and then back to New York to see ZIYAH GAFIC's outstanding conflict exhibit at Fovea Editions in Beacon. Finally, the Public Library in New York has a exhibit on Keroak's On The Road.

OK - Not quite as fun as making my own pictures but a great experience none the less.

Back to work...



  1. Hi Gregg,
    Long time no hear! Have been following your cycling on Ribbon of Road since we split up after having pushed and dragged you across the Andes :-)
    I am also into photography now. Though a completely different kind. I work for a company that does aerial surveying and mapping (eg. Denmark on Google Earth) and get to fly around a lot in our little old airplanes.
    Hope you are well. Greetings from your Danish trekking companion in the Huayhuash. Mucha aventura! Annabelle

  2. Hoy Annabelle - It's great to hear from you. Did you ever make it down to Torres?