Friday, March 30, 2012

Follow The Good - Short Story and 13 page photo essay: PAVED MAGAZINE

Paved Magazine's winter edition features my 13-page photo essay about India's common man cyclists.  Paved is now available as an iPad / iPhone app for anyone interested in checking out the images + short story about an epiphany brought on by a severe drug overdose, devil monkey twins, and a few words of wisdom from a sari wearing stranger while making 20,000 portraits of Indians on two wheels.


  1. Hey Gregg,

    I've been finding your stuff everywhere (even the new "Tour de Prayer" article) and your work is fantastic. I also enjoyed going through your old Ribbon of Road photo archives.

    Keep it coming!

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  3. These are incredible images - thanks for sharing1

  4. Cycling has definitely become the new fashion all around the world. That has to do with all the problems there are with poluution, the need to excercise due to sedentarism and the lack of space for cars in big cities. In Argentina, for instance, there is a huge project on behalf of the government to encourage people to ride a bike to go to work. They even let you borrow a bike from them, use it, and then return it. I travelled to Buenos Aires some months ago and got an apartment through this company 4rent Argentina that provided me with a bike so that I would not have to use the buses. They were great!

  5. theres some great photography here.